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06LM Microphone Vlogging Kit - Inoxelectronics

06LM Microphone Vlogging Kit


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Dual-use mode: Handheld /Tabletop
Lamp beads: 36LEDs?After installing the battery, you need to press 3 seconds and hold the power switch to turn it on.?
Remote control distance: 30ft
Tripod: Mini tripod, Flexible tripod
3 kinds of dimmable: Low, Medium and High
Use equipment: For smartphone, DSLR,Mirrorless, camcorder, audio recorder, gopro,PC
Phone width: 2.12-3.74 inch


1?Flexible Tripod Extendable Travel Lightweight Stand Bluetooth Remote For Mobile Cell Phone Mount Camera Gopro Live Youtube,The flexible tripod has a variety of scenarios and applications. The indoor live broadcast does not occupy any space, and the outdoor shooting is easy to carry.
2?Suitable for smart phones, digital SLR cameras, mirrorless, camcorders, voice recorders
3?The Vlogging Kit enhances the video effect through better sound and lighting indoors or outdoors. It has a universal microphone that can be used on any smartphone or camera. It has 36 ultra-bright LEDs that can be used as a tripod. The tripod handle mounts the video on the tripod, and uses a smart phone adapter with built-in boots, which can not only mount a mobile phone, but also a light or microphone.

What’s in the box
1 X Small Tripod Stand
1 X Microphone
1 X Small Led Light

06LM Microphone Vlogging Kit